About Us

A legacy that dates back to 1905, the Mafatlal Group is a blend of traditional values and modern technology, triumphing over volatile market dynamics. Now we have started our new venture by the name of Mafatlal Technologies.

We are young, dynamic team of technological as well as creative minds. Our goal is to make our clients happy with most modern technologically as well as reduce their workload by proper automatons. Through our decades long commitment to understanding the technology and the needs of the people, we provide our customers with a vast range of interactive digital panels, digital teaching devices, video walls, digital podiums and display standees and interactive white boards among other tools, for classroom, corporate and government uses.

The company’s vision is to offer the superior products, solutions & services to all our esteemed customers, and Channel Partners, meeting their requirements, delivery time lines and extremely competitive prices.

Revolutionary Solutions

We fulfil every digital requirement of yours. You think and we provide with every possible digital solution before your next blink.

Quality Assured

We guarantee the products and services we offer will be treasured by you for long and you’ll always remember us to fulfil your digital classroom solution requirements.

Specialized Service Team

We are here to listen from you deliver excellence. Our dedicated team keep in touch with all our clients in order to ensure 100% satisfactory services is provided.

Competitive Price

Digital solution is no more an expensive service available to just a few elite ones of the society because we now provide it at affordable prices without compromising on quality.